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Andrea Palladino Massage

Massage by Andi

Choose from Deep Tissue Massage or a General Relaxation Massage to help you unwind, destress and work through unwanted muscle tension in your body.

Your massage treatment will be customized for your particular needs and can be 30-75 minutes in length.

Andi specializes in Trigger point techniques and enjoys helping clients work through tensions in the body that may cause secondary struggles such as Sciatica, headaches, and chronic low back pain.

Massage by Dhyana

Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage with Dhyana Miller, a Licensed Massage Therapist Specializing in Thai Massage.

Restore balance through therapeutic and relaxation techniques. Choose from Thai Massage, Connective Tissue Therapy, and a variety of table massage modalities.

Massage Therapy can give pause from the hectic schedule, give your mind a break and restore your body’s natural, relaxed, state.