Class Descriptions

Our studio offers yoga classes for all levels. To learn which is the right fit for you, read our class descriptions or contact one of our instructors. 

Please note not all classes are listed. Morning classes with Narayani can be considered all-levels.

This is and All-Levels Vinyasa class, consciously linking the movement of the body to the rhythm of the breath. This class is a dynamic, flowing practice that leads you through a balanced series of postures to strengthen the body, develop flexibility and cultivate a sense of deep inner calm

An All Levels Vinyasa Class focused on alignment and centered around sun salutations to build strength and flexibility. This class will take you through yoga flows that allow the body and breath to sync, allowing for a truly transcendental yoga experience.

Loaded with chaturangas and down dogs, this class explores fun, innovative flows and builds toward challenging peak poses. Come prepared to sweat! 

Yoga for gently strengthening and opening up those tight areas of the body. This class is gentle and includes mostly floor work with the occasional down dog. Explore the basic alignment principles of Yoga in this All-Levels Class, perfect for those who are interested in yoga but dont know where to start or those wanting a Gentle and Sweet Yoga experience.

Relax and Unwind with this all-levels yoga class. Basically like a long nap. Students hold passive stretches utilizing bolsters, blocks and other yoga props for 5 or more minutes. This form of yoga can be extremely effective in increasing flexibility and reducing stress hormones. Some classes may include aromatherapy, hot towels, massage, and more.

Designed for the beginner. Learn the basics of yoga alignment, movement and breath work. This class will take you through common yoga poses to get you acquainted with the practice in a safe and enjoyable way

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